January 14th, 2011 | Issues, News & Info
Launching a new journal is not an easy task, and when it is concerned with a niche study area such as tourism and peace it is even more difficult to sustain. However, we submit that the papers published here could have easily found a home in established journals and we are grateful to those who chose to publish their valuable work with us. Discussing conflict in a journal of peace is a thorny issue, but avoidance will not help us contribute to peaceful solutions. Progress and peace are central objectives of the journal. We recognize that just as there is no one reality, there can be no one discourse, and to that we must encourage debate and dialogue reflecting recognized academic principles. We hope you will enjoy these readings. There is much to write about because there is so much peacelessness in the world. If you are dealing with tourism-related conflict and peace issues, The Journal of Tourism and Peace Research welcomes your ideas - full papers, research notes, review papers, commentaries, conference reports, and other related materials.